Take Note! A protest against a paperless world

by Leanne Rhodes
Take Note! A protest against a paperless world

Written by Katelyn Geiger & Leanne Rhodes

everything becoming more and more digital, from our calendars to our shopping experiences, from our social interactions to even our novels and magazines, I feel a strong need to fight for the hand-made, the handwritten and the beautiful medium that is paper. There’s nothing quite like taking the leap and making a mark, writing a note or drawing on a blank page of paper. There’s a freedom in jotting down some quick ideas in a notebook, spilling all your emotions into a journal or losing yourself in a whimsical doodle in a sketchbook.

A notebook is a treasure chest holding a whole life of to-do’s, emotions and dreams.

Here are a variety of ways a notebook can add value and joy to your day-to-day:

Bullet journal

An emerging trend for the more creative is bullet journaling. Using a blank notebook (or one with a grid of dots), bullet journals allow you the freedom to create your own layouts for a daily/weekly/monthly diary filled with doodles and drawings. You can keep track of your habits, document your life/emotions/life events, list your goals and track your progress towards them… anything you can imagine can be included. While it can be intimidating for some there is plenty of inspiration on the internet and you can be as creative or minimalist as you like. Generally, the appeal is the freedom to use your own creativity to document various aspects of your life without being restricted by the usual lined page or format of a traditional diary.

General notebooks

Often we use random scraps of paper to do things like make to-do lists, shopping lists, or write down other things you need to remember. Rather put them in a notebook to minimise the number of times your list gets lost! Our smaller A6 notebooks fit easily into a handbag or school bag so that you can make sure it’s always conveniently accessible.

Traditional journal or diary

It is a good mental health exercise to write down daily events and your reactions so that you can process the day and the emotions you felt instead of letting them build up until you break down. It is also a good space to practice expressing yourself. You can write what you wanted to say but couldn’t, create poetry or fictional writing, or keep track of your progress towards a goal.

Recipe book

Notebooks are a great place to collect recipes, whether they have een passed down through the family, come from a friend, or are new recipes you want to try.


A blank notebook is a great place to make sketches and express yourself visually, whatever your style. You can draw artistic pictures, arrange nice quotes in pretty typography, or simply use the space to doodle.

With so many things you can use a notebook for, they make great gifts. Many people have several notebooks containing different things and new ones are always appreciated, especially when they have such pretty covers like our Shwezu range!


Get a Proudly South African notebook to match your Proudly South African spirit and take a stand against a completely paperless world.


by Leanne Rhodes

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