Wardrobe feeling “blah”? Here are five style pick-me-ups to consider

by Leanne Rhodes
Wardrobe feeling “blah”? Here are five style pick-me-ups to consider

Written by Lize Becker

From the dreaded fat days to just being uninspired by how we dress, from time to time we all go through some wardrobe “blahs”. So with the words “fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it” as inspiration, here are five things to consider to get positive vibes back into your closet.

STEP 1: Evaluate how do you feel?

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day. The right outfit can lift your mood, make you more productive, more likely to get a job… or even a date. But have you also considered that what you wear always looks better when you feel good on the inside.

The great thing is, we have the power to choose. If you have a negative thought, change your mind and have a better one!  Consider not just what your clothes are saying about you, but what are they saying to your clothes. You can change your attitude, confidence, and what you portray to the world outside by changing your mind and also your outfit.

What you wear is not just superficial, and the emerging field of fashion psychology (I looked it up, it’s an actual thing) is not only concerned with clothing, but also human behaviour across all aspects of fashion, from design through the entire supply chain, to consumption and disposal. (Here are 30 fascinating facts in fashion psychology)

STEP 2: Experiment with Colour

What’s your happy colour? The perception of colour is, of course, subjective, but nothing will get you out of a style rut easier and quicker than experimenting with different colours. No, you don’t have to colour block everything, but add some fun and interest to your outfits. A safe way to not have colour overpower your whole look, or to blow the budget, is to add colourful accessories and shoes to a neutral outfit.

STEP 3: Choose pretty and comfy

I cannot “do” ugly shoes. I don’t care how comfortable they are. However, “it’s painful to be beautiful” should never be part of your vocabulary. Remember step1 about feeling good inside? Well, you need to literally feel good on the outside too. Nothing spoils a great outfit and a pretty face like a constant frown because your shoes are too tight or your underwear is riding up. Pretty and comfortable should not be mutually exclusive, and if you can’t get both, don’t buy it.

STEP 4: Make fashion choices that do good

I love this quote by the famous fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood – “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” It’s time we became more conscious about our shopping, because we are supporting what we are buying. Your choices could be supporting waste, child labour, environmental damage, cruelty to animals and a host of other awful practices you haven’t thought of. What is it saying about you and what you represent? By making conscious decisions you could also be supporting your local community and creating jobs, simply by what you buy. Now that makes you feel good on a whole other level.

STEP 5: Tick all of the numbers above and wear Shwezu!

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by Leanne Rhodes

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