Business Opportunities with Shwezu

Shwezu offers exciting opportunities for both retailers and entrepreneurs alike.


If you want to add something creative and proudly South African to your shop, our Shwezu products are just what you are looking for! We are happy to introduce our new, handcrafted Shwezu ware. They’re young and unique, stylish, cultured and comfortable! Inspired by local culture. The motto today is: If you want it colourful, do it in Shweshwe!

We have a wide range of high-quality handmade products that will add some unique flair and colour to your shop. People absolutely love our shoes and handbags. Once a lady has tried on a pair of shoes, they are as good as sold. Our shoes are very comfortable, light and beautifully made. At Shwezu we are as much about creating unique products to make you look beautiful as we are about creating jobs in South Africa. All our products are proudly made in South Africa. By purchasing a product you are directly contributing to the growth and prosperity of our local community and country.


Did you know you do not have to own a shop to sell Shwezu products?

We are also looking for partners that can vary from stay-at-home moms selling part-time to people selling at markets over weekends etc. What about hosting a “Shoe party”? Buy a starter pack with samples of the most popular shoes/handbags. Invite your friends, get them to try on the shoes and voila!

If you have what it takes to manage your own business and are passionate about shoes, handbags and accessories, Shwezu is committed to:

  • Providing well packaged, high quality and easy to sell products.
  • Providing support with marketing material.
  • Being flexible in allowing you to swop products or sizes if a particular item is not moving in your market segment.
  • Give our resellers and shops exposure on our website which refers visitors to the shops in their areas. 

Please email us on with your contact information, a brief description of your store or sales idea, region and target market.