About Shwezu

Your go-to destination for truly South African inspired fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, and gifts.

Shwezu is all about celebrating South Africa through the creation of beautifully hand-crafted, trendy and original products (including shoes, handbags, accessories, clothing, homeware, and stationery) all tied together by one common denominator - Shweshwe.

Shweshwe is a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional South African clothing. Originally dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printed designs characterized by intricate geometric patterns. Due to its timeless popularity shweshwe has been described as the denim or tartan of South Africa. We support local economic development and therefore only use the original Three Cats ShweShwe fabric and other locally sourced materials. The original Three Cats Shweshwe is made by Da Gama Textiles and is characterised by its bold, vibrant colours and patterns. It boasts a long and rich history that has spanned centuries and is popular among diverse cultural groups throughout South Africa.

At Shwezu we cater for a wide range of tastes and desires – from shoes and accessories perfect for traditional weddings, to products that will add a splash of colour to your everyday life. Stumped for gift ideas? Shwezu to the rescue. We pride ourselves on the ease of ordering, reliable delivery, and quality products. We also believe in supporting local suppliers, training and developing skills and boosting employment.

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Shwezu started with something every girl can understand … an undeniable love of shoes. Couple that with a passion for South Africa, with its vibrant, diverse, colourful culture and you’re bound to get something unique and beautiful as a result.

It all started when our founder, Daleen Meara (owner of Fantastick Wall Décor), did something she had never done before; order shoes online – a daunting and scary experience. What if they didn’t fit? What if they weren’t comfortable? But having no other option, as the object of her fancy could not be found in any nearby stores, she wiped her brow, whipped out her credit card and before she knew it “ding dong” – her shoes had arrived. Not only were they the perfect fit but the whole experience left her inspired to open her own online shoe store. She just needed one more element that would give that extra special touch. The answer presented itself in the form of a unique fabric – Shweshwe.

With shoes as the initial product idea, we soon realised Shwezu could expand its range, with endless possibilities for traditional weddings, everyday trendy fashion and accessories, stationery and even homeware.