The Ultimate Father's Day Idea Guide

by Leanne Rhodes
The Ultimate Father's Day Idea Guide

We all want to spoil our Dads on Fathers’ Day but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift to express your love and appreciation. We’re here to help you find something unforgettable for the dad who has everything.

When choosing the perfect gift, it’s important to remember to choose something that he will enjoy, not something that you would like. With that in mind, some of the best gifts are experiences that you can share together and make memories. When paired with a meaningful wrapped present, like a Shwezu Bow Tie, you have a winning combination!


Below is a fun chart to help you figure out a great gift perfectly suited to your Dad. We’ve included some options that will be fun for the whole family as well as some just for Dad.


1. Pamper Dad at home

  • Give Dad a break from the braai and make his favourite meal instead. It could be breakfast in bed or a good steak dinner.
  • Buy some craft beers, a few different wines, or a variety of chocolates and have a tasting to find his favourite one.
  • Make soup and Glühwein, sit around a fire and share stories for some bonding time with Dad
  • Let Dad have a few hours for gaming or binge-watching his favourite series. It’s good to relax together as a family.

2. Get the little kids involved!

  • Get the kids to make cards, hand-made presents, or wrap some chocolate in their artwork. For an extra-fun activity help them create a treasure hunt for Dad to find all the presents!
  • Give Dad a break from the braai and pack a picnic to take to your nearest park or even just in your garden. You can include some of his favourite foods and he can do some fishing if there’s water nearby. You can also take along a frisbee or some lawn games for some quality time together in the sun.
  • Add in a pair of colourful Shwezu Sneakers for Dad to wear on your outing.

3. Sporty fun

  • If Dad is a golfer, book and pay for him to have some practice time at the driving range. If not, you can all have some fun at the putt-putt course.
  • For the more adventurous Dad, take him hiking or go for a quad bike ride.
  • Competitive Dads might enjoy being challenged at a paintball range.
  • Give your Dad a pair of our comfortable Shwezu Sneakers to wear during your activity.

4. Indoor adventures

  • Take Dad bowling. Make it into a fun family tournament. Dad can teach the kids to bowl if they've never tried it before.
  • Dads who enjoy watching formula 1 can have a chance to be the star in a go-carting arena.
  • Dress up and take Dad to a fancy restaurant.
  • A snazzy Shwezu Bow Tie will help glam up the evening and add a touch of sophistication to your Dad's outfit.

5. For the sophisticated Dad

  • Book and pay for your Dad to have a pampering massage or spa treatment.
  • Dress up and take your Dad to a fancy restaurant for some fine dining.
  • Take your Dad to a wine or beer tasting. Some places also offer chocolate, whisky or coffee tasting for something a bit different.
  • One of our colourful Bow Ties can add a dash of sophistication to Dad’s outfit for this occasion.

Make Dad a card

Any gift should be paired with a good card. Whether you made it yourself or bought one, here are some messages you can use to make it special:

  1. Dad, Thanks for being my superhero. You inspire me every day.
  2. Thank you for all your advice and help over the years. You truly are a great example of love and dedication to this family.
  3. We love you so much and are blessed to have you in our lives.
  4. We love and adore you. Sometimes we even think you’re funny.



Written by Katelyn Geiger

by Leanne Rhodes

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